Education through Arts

Art in education of a human being is very rich and versatile. It embraces all the important social and aesthetic aspects of people's life. Therefore, art is used as an educational tool since a very early age. Learning about the world through art-theatre, music, drawings is the most efficient way of forming a harmonious personality. That is exactly why the «Education through Art» aspect is powerfully represented in the pre-school institution in Uzbekistan.

New methods of education, which imply speech-training strategies, basics of Math, Ecology, Life Safety etc through the Art and Music Education are being developed and adopted by the Pre-School Institutions in Uzbekistan today. Big attention is paid to the Crafts subjects as well. Most popular textbooks by PhD. Education Tatyana Chabrova are: “Drawing for kids”, “Fine Art Dictionary with illustrations”, “Toys of Grandma Hamro”, “Magic tyubeteykas”, “Tashkent is the star of the East”, “Meeting Uzbek artists”, Legend about Khan-atlas”, “50 integrated conspectuses”, “Life Safety Basics”, “ABC book about Rights for Pre-school children” and many Two State seminars on the “Children's Life Safety in Pre-school institutions” were held in Tashkent and Navoi in 2009. These seminars had positive reviews both from the Teaching and Law Enforcement organisations.