Teacher training in the field of Arts Education in Uzbekistan

Further training and retraining aimed to renewing and deepening professional knowledge and skills of specialists. State Personnel Certificate is issued depending on the results of training in educational institutions for rising the professional skills.

Upgrading and Retraining of personnel in Art Education in Uzbekistan is carried out on the basis of the Central Institute for retraining and upgrading of National Education after A. Avlony (Management) ;National Institute for Retraining of Teachers named after K. Ubaydullaev (Karakalpakstan). In all the regional centers education is provided on the basis of IPPKPK (Institutions Retraining and Up-grading of Teachers). These institutions provide teachers with the knowledge of school subjects, including "Musical Culture," Visual Arts "," Drawing " and "Labor Education”.Employees of pre-school agencies improve their skills in the National Training Center for Retraining for Pre-school Staff.

Aditionally, training and retraining of personnel in the field of art education is carried out on the basis of each institution of higher education, which has a faculty for improvement professional level of teaching skills.