Priorities of Arts Education in Uzbekistan

UNESCO's main strategy is based on the principles of the Road Map for Art Education ", elaborated and adopted at the First UNESCO World Conference on Art Education, held in Lisbon in 2006. This project is aimed at the improving of the system of art education in various countries around the world as a fundamental factor in sustainable social and cultural development. 

Structure of Arts Education System in Uzbekistan

Pre-school educational institutions of Uzbekistan are divided into the following types in accordance with the orientation of their activities:

  • Nurseries, kindergarten, home-based day care (as an independent institution and branch).
  • Establishment of early childhood and primary education (kindergarten, school).
  • Pre-school educational institution with the priority of one or more areas of development of students (language, art - aesthetic, sports, etc.).
  • Kindergarten of compensating type with a priority implementation of skilled correction of deviations in the physical and mental development of pupils.
  • Nursery care and rehabilitation of weakened children with the implementation of health and hygiene, preventive and curative measures and procedures.
  • Kindergarten of combined type (combined kindergarten may include general developmental, compensatory and health groups in different combinations).

Content of Arts Education in Uzbekistan

Fine and Applied Arts, Design
The education system of the Fine and Applied Arts of Uzbekistan, as well as the entire modern system of education was evolved in the 20 century, although the teaching traditions in arts already had deep roots here. Art studios were opened in Uzbekistan during the Soviet period so was the Boarding School of Fine Arts and Republican School of Fine and Applied Arts in Tashkent. There were some other FineArts Branches in the other cities of the country (Bukhara, Ferghana, Kokand), but there was no substantive art college.

State Policy and Legislation in Arts Education Area

Starting from the first days of independence, Uzbekistan consistently implements the policy on reforming the education sector as a key element in the ongoing course of reforms and renewal of society, as a necessary and indispensable condition of democratic transformation in society, sustainable economic development, the republic's integration into the global community. “The main purpose of all our reforms in the Economy and Politics is a Man. That is exactly why Education and the upbringing of a new generation, which will be capable to realize the idea of national revival, will always be a task of the State and one of it's main priorities "(from the report of President Islam Karimov at the session of Oliy Majlis of the first convening in February 1995).

Education through Arts

Art in education of a human being is very rich and versatile. It embraces all the important social and aesthetic aspects of people's life. Therefore, art is used as an educational tool since a very early age. Learning about the world through art-theatre, music, drawings is the most efficient way of forming a harmonious personality. That is exactly why the «Education through Art» aspect is powerfully represented in the pre-school institution in Uzbekistan.