Education through Arts

Improvement of arts education quality is connected, on the one hand, with availability of an extensive network of educational institutions and organizations whose activities aim at solving the foregoing tasks and provide access to education of various strata for the population and, on the other hand, – with improvement of the content and methods of teaching arts subjects at different educational establishments, as well as of training and retraining staff for this educational sphere.

The thesis recorded in UNESCO documents and concerning the need to develop two approaches – “to teach arts” and “to teach through arts” takes on special significance for the Ukrainian system of arts education. Implementation of this thesis will enable to extrapolate unique didactic opportunities and arts technologies to other educational fields, create integrated programs of various types and thereby extend the aesthetic area of education as a whole. Development of innovative variant techniques with an art component, in particular using also new information technologies, will contribute to creation of optimal conditions for creative self-expression of children and students, extension of the field of representation of cultural values in the process of rendering educational services. The current interpretation of the special significance of culture and art in the educational environment and of arts education as a basic factor of national culture preservation and world cultural heritage enrichment must determine the strategic objectives of the cultural policy of the state.

Thus, the understanding of the organic unity of education and culture is currently gaining a foothold in pedagogy and, in this connection, inclusion of the culturological component in basic school education, which was reflected not only in the field “Art” but also in other educational fields with which art interacts, has become a significant point of reforms in Ukraine. It creates favorable prerequisites for expansion of education through art to the Ukrainian school pays inadequate attention.

Amalgamation of a general education school (junior, senior or senior high) and a kindergarten may be exemplified by Kuybyshev teaching and educational complex (Nikolayev region), which has for many years successfully introduced a TEC form using advantages of the natural environment of children in rural localities and integrating the aesthetic and ecologic areas of education. The school teachers develop technologies for integrated classes not only within the framework of the educational field “Art” but also in the area of teaching through art based on intersubject communications between art and mathematics, Ukrainian and foreign literature.

Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Kharkov and other cities and towns have schools integrated into an association of Waldorf initiatives. The teachers work under unorthodox author programs adapted to the domestic educational system. The teaching and educational process is dominated by art-related subjects implementing the idea of arts education through art based on innovations.