Teacher training in the field of Arts Education in Ukraine

Higher musical education is acquired at conservatories and academies of music at the following departments: upright piano, historical-theoretical, solo singing, choral or opera-symphonic conducting, orchestral string, wind, percussion and folk instruments. Teachers’ training universities, institutes of arts under classical universities have music education departments that train music teachers for schools. The Institute of Arts of M. P. Dragomanov National Teachers’ Training University opened a graduate and a doctoral training centers; it also has a specialized doctoral and Ph.D. theses defense council in the specialty 13.00.02 – teaching theory and technique (musical art). Music art can also be obtained at universities, colleges and schools of arts and culture.

Tertiary institutions – colleges, institutes, academies – train specialists in the major forms of visual art (painting, sculpture, and drawing), decorative art, design, theatrical scenery and stage-setting arts, architecture, restoration of works of art, study of art and art management. Visual art teachers are trained in departments of artistic graphics of higher education teachers’ training establishments one of the oldest of them in our country being the Department of Artistic Graphics of the state-run institution “K. D. Ushinskiy South-Ukrainian National Teachers’ Training University” in Odessa.

The choreographic palette is also enriched in the area of vocational education. The range of high and higher education establishments training stage and ballet masters, teachers, viz. State Choreographic School, Serge Lifar Academy of Dancing, Center “Kyianochka (Little Kiev woman),” Kiev Academy of Arts etc. Divisions of choreography are also opened at teachers’ training tertiary institutions, academic universities, universities of culture, colleges and schools of culture and arts, the Academy of Variety and Circus Arts.