Structure of Arts Education System in Ukraine

The provisions of the Law of Ukraine “On Preschool Education” (№ 2628-III, as amended on December 19, 2006), the state-run special-purpose preschool education development program regulate preschool education in Ukraine for the period until 2017. It is carried out at children’s preschool institutions of different forms of ownership (governmental, communal, and private) and of different types of educational institutions: crèche, preprimary school, kindergarten, compensating-type preprimary school, residential school-type children’s home, family childcare preprimary school.

In compliance with the Law of Ukraine “On General Secondary Education", a system of general secondary arts education exists at more than 20 thousand general education establishments of different forms of ownership – public, municipal, and private. The three-degree secondary general education school is the basic type of educational institutions: primary (1-4 grades), middle (5-9 grades) and senior (10-11 grades), which may operate together or independently.

Out-of-school education in Ukraine is one of the major factors of development of the personality and his effective integration into the sociocultural environment. The Law of Ukraine “On Out-of-School Education” determines the legal, socioeconomic, organizational, teaching and educational principles of out-of-school education. As at the beginning of 2012, there were 1,496 out-of-school institutions attended by nearly 1,300 thousand children, which amounts to more than 59% of the total number of primary school-aged, 30% – of middle school-aged, 8–10% – of senior school-aged, and 2% – of preschool-aged children.

In Ukraine, a multistage system of arts education, which has been built over many decades, operates. The foundation of this system ensuring the continuity of the process of training of creative personnel is laid at elementary special education establishments of arts (schools of aesthetic education, hereinafter referred to as SAE): music, design, dance, and theatrical and arts schools.

In Ukraine, the activities of tertiary institutions (universities) of the arts profile are regulated by a whole number of laws, in particular by the Laws of Ukraine “On Vocational Education” (1998), “On Higher Education” (2000), “On Vernacular Arts” (2001), as well as by the provisions of the National Doctrine of Education Development” (2001), and of the Concept for Development of Vocational Education in Ukraine (2004).