Priorities of Arts Education in Ukraine

In the current sociocultural situation, further development of society depends not only and not so much on material as on human resources, on how mobile vital activity of every personality will be, how amply and thoroughly his/her creative capacities will be unlocked. Arts education plays an important role in development of the creative spirit of man, the spirit of innovation. Culture of both an individual and society as a whole depends significantly on its quality. Art has an impact on intelligence, enriches the emotional sphere of the personality, and spurs development of the creative abilities.

Globalization processes, high penetration of information and communication technologies into the educational environment are associated not only with positive trends in arts education, which is due primarily to increasing accessibility of cultural values of world civilization, but also with new contradictions and risks determined by wide dissemination of mass culture, entertainment business, non-traditional art practices that do not always meet the aesthetic criteria of high art, elite culture. The processes of preserving national cultural identity of students that buck the trends of cultural unification and national indifference also are contradictory.

The problems and challenges of modern age stimulate modernization of arts education. The rise of its significance within the general system of education, extension of knowledge about culture, art, traditions of different peoples of the world will promote strengthening of mutual understanding among countries, cultural diversity. In the age of globalization, solution of problems of arts education focused on a dialog of cultures becomes of high priority for creation of a multicultural environment, tolerant mutual relations among nations and peoples both within states and on an international scale.