The albums on artistic development of children in a series “Miracle of Creation” (authors V. Ragozina and N. Ocheretyana) were published in 2012-2013 in “Zirka” Publishing House:

- For children aged 1 to 3: “Plasticine Peas”, “Plasticine Specks”, “Colored Palms”, “Colored Specks”, “The Unusual from the Usual”, “Paper Flakes”;

- For children aged 3 to 5: “Plasticine Raisins”, “Magic Brush”, “Unusual Patterns”, “Paper Twists”, “Funny Scissors”, “We Create the Nature Together”.

The albums represent various techniques of modelling, appliqué, and drawing to teachers, tutors, and parents which they will be able to introduce to children since they are one year old. “Recommendation Page” provides information to the adults on organization and methodology of lessons with children. The albums comprise the system of 11 lessons built according to the principle of complication the methods of work with a child. Each lesson is presented on the album’s double-page spread and contains the author's story and a poem for children, a game, illustrations and a page for the child’s work.

Children gradually acquire the experience of practical experimentation with various artistic materials in the course of lessons with the albums; they form an idea of expressive abilities of fine arts and get an opportunity to express themselves in different kinds of it. The albums implement a theme and integrated approach to artistic work lessons, they incorporate games, speech and sensory tasks, which develops a child’s personality comprehensively.

The notebook-albums have been classified by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for implementation in the system of preschool educational institutions.