The monograph “An Artistically Gifted Personality: Essence, Realities, Development” by O.A. Komarovska has been published. It is the result of the author’s many years research of the features of arts endowments displays by the students of primary specialized arts schools – children’s aesthetic education schools. The substance of the notion “artistic endowments” is analyzed within psychological and pedagogical, philosophical, aesthetic, and art criticism dimensions. A personality’s ability to create an artistic image is assumed to be “an identification unit” of the artistically gifted personality.

The author focuses on such varieties of artistic endowments as music, acting, and choreography. The advisability of highlighting the specific “performance abilities” that correlate directly with theatre performances is justified within the context of performing art. The author suggests a model of artistic and educational space of an arts school as a leading condition for development of a gifted personality. Its effectiveness results from the figurative nature of this space, which is similar to figurativeness of art and dialogic interaction of its subjects.

The author is Oksana Komarovska, Ph.D. (Pedagogical Sciences), Head of the Aesthetic Education Laboratory at the Institute of Educational Problems of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine.

In Ukrainian.

O. Komarovska. An Artistically Gifted Personality: Essence, Realities, Development: Monograph / Oksana Komarovska. – Ivano-Frankivsk, NAIR, 2014. – 412 p.