Conducting the All-Ukrainian Festival of Preschoolers Dramatic Art was an interesting initiative in the development of preschool art education in Ukraine. It was initiated by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The Festival started on November 1, 2013 among the child care institutions of different types and ownership forms. The Festival united the little actors, children’s groups and their supervisors from various parts of Ukraine. The main goal of the Festival is to activate the children’s creative potential, to introduce different forms of children’s dramatic activities organization to teachers and parents, and to identify young talents and help their development.

Dramatic art is close and understandable for children since an early age because it is based on a game. Its potential is huge: preschoolers’ aesthetic taste is taught, moral values are laid, creativity is developed and communication skills are acquired.

There are talented children in every kindergarten of Ukraine – from the east to the west, in the southern and the northern regions of Ukraine, in large cities and small villages of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea the children’s drama studios, groups, children’s theatres are created on the basis of child care institutions that delight the audience by their performances during festive occasions. The preschoolers reveal their creative abilities through participation in a variety of art forms – fingertip, cane, shadow, puppet “apron” theatre, masks theatre, sand theatre, and flannelegraph.