The children of all ages (including the youngest) can spend time efficiently and enjoy the artistic creativity during already several consecutive years at All-Ukrainian and international specialized exhibition-fairs of crafts, fancywork and handmade-art organized by “MEDVIN” Company (MEDVIN is the abbreviation of the Ukrainian words Medicine, Ecology, Childhood, Exhibitions, Informatics, Population) in the capital of Ukraine.

Exhibitions became traditional and are organized during a few days four times a year. The programme is always new and diverse. Saturdays is the Children's Day, and young visitors and their parents are expected not only at the fair with original author’s works, souvenirs, ornaments, decorations and sweets, but also at the grounds for educational and recreational activities, for creative ideas implementation during master classes. Experts in handmade who work in various areas of artistic creativity and represent various children’s training centres, clubs, craft and hobby shops, artistic associations provide opportunities to learn artistic techniques (felting , soap-making, decorative painting, painting, batik, etc.) and to produce self-made gifts.

At the exhibitions, the children and their parents can enjoy educational and recreational activities such as concerts of children's dance, vocal and choral groups from various regions of Ukraine, as well as shows, performances, games for the whole family.

Young and adult art-lovers are expected at 2014 exhibitions in April, September and December. (