Introduction to the Arts Education System in Ukraine

In the current sociocultural situation, further development of society depends not only and not so much on material as on human resources, on how mobile vital activity of every personality will be, how amply and thoroughly his/her creative capacities will be unlocked. Arts education plays an important role in development of the creative spirit of man, the spirit of innovation. Culture of both an individual and society as a whole depends significantly on its quality.

The problems and challenges of modern age stimulate modernization of arts education. The rise of its significance within the general system of education, extension of knowledge about culture, art, traditions of different peoples of the world will promote strengthening of mutual understanding among countries, cultural diversity.

In recent decades in Ukraine was made a great work on the revival of ethnic and cultural traditions at all levels of arts education from pre-school institutions and secondary schools. Significant achievements have in working with gifted children, operates ramified system of creative competitions and festivals such as International, Ukrainian, regional which promotes the identification of talent in the arts.

The effectiveness of the organization of arts education in Ukraine provides quality training and constant retraining. In accordance with the needs of society in the system of professional arts education the specialists of different qualifications for the sphere of culture and arts are trained by training and retraining of pedagogical and scientific-teaching staff in educational institutions of various types: university, academy, conservatory, institute and college.