Priorities of Arts Education in Tajikistan

The Republic of Tajikistan is a peaceful country, eager to self-assertion and self-blossoming. It is rich not only with its purest water, beautiful nature, and proud high mountains. The people of this country also endowed with natural beauty, clean souls and pride for their homeland. The chosen way of democratic direction of Tajikistan is becoming very stable in a very fast tempo. Each year the confidence of the people is rising that soon the country will reach a high prosperity.

Structure of Arts Education System in Tajikistan

The system of art and aesthetic education in the Republic Tajikistan has a structure of formal and informal components and covers various age groups, beginning from the preschool period and to old ages. First of them is the education that carried out within the frames of educational institutions. Second is the education that carried out in organizations and establishments for whom educational activity isn’t the main.

Content of Arts Education in Tajikistan

Theater and entertainment organizations
There are 34 theatrical and entertainment organizations in Tajikistan. The activities of theatrical and entertainment organizations cover a very broad scope in content and directions. Their activities are conventionally arranged in two directions: traditional and modern (academic). The first direction reflects centuries of traditional circus - dorboz, pochubon, maskaraboz (clowns), askiyachi and theater arts - shohnomahoni, qisagui,(storytellers) etc., and operates with representing the circus of folk groups and folk theaters. The second relates to the activities of academic and dramatic theaters, the state circus and by contents they represent the modern period.

State Policy and Legislation in Arts Education Area

In this complex creative process the crucial role in the development of culture and education belongs to the state. It appears here as a regulator of new social relations. Hence, today the cultural policy of the Government of Tajikistan provided, along with government agencies, participation of NGOs, institutions that want to contribute to the process of democratization of the contemporary society. Along with the improving state’s educational and cultural system, it’s seen the process of selected participation of non-state organizations.

Teacher training in the field of Arts Education in Tajikistan

The State unit, that responsible for educational qualifications and retraining specialists in the field of Arts education is a faculty of professional development of the Tajik State Institute of Arts named after M. Tursunzoda which is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tajikistan. This department covers all levels of education throughout the country.