A new model of debate and arts education to young people in Tajikistan

The training on synergy of debate and performance was held on 15-17 March 2013 in the Culture Center Art Ground. The training was facilitated by an International Trainer of International Debate and Education Association (IDEA) Talmud Bah and was funded by Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation in Tajikistan. It brought debate leaders from Dushanbe and across the regions of Tajikistan – Khatlon, Sugd and GBAO who are interested to bring a synergy of debate and Forum Theater in their debate clubs and communities. Three days of debate, creative education and performance workshops were focused on developing young people's ideas, voices and communication skills.

The aim of the training was to provide young people with the opportunity to work collaboratively and creatively express ideas and views and provide the young people with the space to engage in discussion, in order to develop an understanding of the function and purpose of discursive language and strategy.

A synergy of debate and art is a new approach to provide young people with the opportunity to create performances based on discussed and relevant issues to develop skills in creative and critical thinking. It also enables young people develop a working knowledge of preparation (research) analysis and structured, rational argumentation. The approach is one of the effective methods for informal education and is designed the way which empowers young people to be involved in community decision-making process.

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