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UNESCO-KACES Arts Education Glossary Research

Created on 18 October 2013. Posted in Projects

This project is a research on a glossary of arts education that aims at facilitating the global comprehension of the state of arts education. The Korea Arts and Culture Education Service initiated the ...


Created on 18 October 2013. Posted in Research

... music, dance, theatre, fine arts, design, arts and crafts, cinema, media etc. The researches were based on the International documents in this field and UNESCO basic documents and recommendations, in ...

Introduction to the Arts Education System in Russian Federation

Created on 01 October 2013. Posted in Introduction

... part of the national cultural heritage and have practical impact upon inward development of an individual. Furthermore, both practices and research demonstrate that address to cultural and historical values ...


Created on 09 September 2013. Posted in UNESCO chairs

... culture and communication. Through this network, higher education and research institutions all over the globe pool their resources, both human and material, to address pressing challenges and contribute ...

About us

Created on 09 September 2013. Posted in About us

... latest news about projects, events, research, publications, communities and information about the participating countries. At the Second Regional Expert Meeting on Arts Education in the CIS countries ...

International Arts Education Week

Created on 09 September 2013. Posted in International week of Arts Education

  International Arts Education Week The First Celebration of International Arts Education Week took place at UNESCO Headquarters on 23 May 2012 with the participation of artists, educators, researchers, ...

Content of Arts Education in Uzbekistan

Created on 19 August 2013. Posted in Contents

... or three generations it transformed into the new art and a large-scale spectacle, a cultural phenomenon that is continually evolving. Search for artistic forms and an expression of national identity through ...

Structure of Arts Education System in Uzbekistan

Created on 19 August 2013. Posted in Structure

... personnel and complying with creative, educational and professional interests of the individual. Postgraduate studies can be obtained at Universities and Research Institutions (Postgraduate School or aspirantura, ...

Content of Arts Education in Ukraine

Created on 19 August 2013. Posted in Contents

... of the Ukrainian photographic school into the modern art environment. In Ukraine, a series of workshops is held; discussions of problems of this branch of art involve renowned foreign researchers, which ...

Education through Arts

Created on 19 August 2013. Posted in Education through Art

The notion of “education through the arts” embodies the existing traditions in the sphere of aesthetic and arts education based on the rich pedagogical heritage and related research, original experience ...