Structure of Arts Education System in the Russian Federation

Building up Homo creans is the central goal of contemporary arts education in Russia. That means to develop learners’ independent thinking and creative approach to every type of activity, which are to be based on knowledge received and related practices. In Russian pedagogy, the notions of “creative work” and “creativity” do interweave but do not coincide. While creative work is understood as a sort of specific process that leads to creation of the new; creativity is regarded as a potential, an inner resource of the individual, his or her ability to renounce stereotypes in thinking and acting, to find new solution and answers. Creativity can be also defined as a human capability of constructive, inventive thinking and behaviour, perceptive analysis and improvement of his or her experience.

Historical traditions of arts education both make up a significant part of the national cultural heritage and have practical impact upon inward development of an individual. Furthermore, both practices and research demonstrate that address to cultural and historical values within the educational and enlightening activities can serve an efficient means of influencing the younger generations, shaping their identity, responsibility for the promising future of the native country, and patterns of intercultural communication and tolerance. The arts education can be also regarded as a specific vehicle to transmit human values and to preserve and reproduce cultural tradition.

The Arts Education Concept of the Russian Federation (2001) suggests an explicit definition of arts education as the process of mastering artistic culture of his or her people and of the mankind on the whole. It is regarded as one of the most influential stimulus tools that develop and shape the integral personality, his or her inward creative individuality, intellectual and emotional wealth. Today’s related policy documents also propose to entrench understanding of the arts education as the process of developing skills to master and represent the world using images and individual’s creative potential.