State scientific institution «Institute of art education and cultural studies of the Russian Academy of education» is the oldest research institution of the Russian Academy of education (RAO). The history of the Institute began with the creation in 1927.

The present structure of the Institute reflects the priority fundamental and applied research in the framework of the state task on the issues of art education and aesthetic education, sociology and psychology of art education; carries out experimental activities on testing and verification of the received results of scientific researches in educational practice; undertaking research works on scientific forecasting to determine the priority and promising areas of research; participates in programs and projects in the development and implementation of the system of search, support and pedagogical support of artistically gifted children in modern socio-cultural conditions; provides scientific and methodological support and participate in the implementation of departmental, Federal, regional target programs in the sphere of science and education; carries out educational activity on programs of training of scientific-pedagogical staff in postgraduate and additional professional programs; the organization and conduct of socially significant scientific and educational events (conferences, symposia, seminars, exhibitions, etc.), other events, including international, on the subject of the subject and related areas of activity of the Institution; participates in the work of international scientific organizations, international scientific research and scientific programs, exchange of experience with national and international organizations, scientists and public figures".

Research carried out in the scientific departments of the Institute: laboratory of music and fine arts; Laboratory integration of arts and culture named after B. P. Yusov; the Laboratory literature and theatre; the laboratory of aesthetic development and psycho-pedagogical studies of the creative personality. Among the scientific staff of the Institute – leading Russian scientists, professional artists and musicians, Directors and writers, critics, composers, among them: E. M. Akishina, L. L. Alekseeva, I. E. Kasakova, I. M. Krasilnikov, M. S. Krasilnikova, E. F. Comindico, L. M. Nekrasov, V.N. Nealov, L. G., E. P. Olesina, L. P. Pechko Savenkova, O. V. Stukalova, E. M. Torchinova, O. V. Usacheva, N. N. Fomina, and others. The head of the Institute, PhD E. M. Akishina.

The Institute has postgraduate study, doctoral studies, dissertation Council. Currently, the Institute organized system of further training of teachers of basic and additional education in the sphere of pedagogics of art. Research base of the Institute includes more than fifty experimental sites in different regions of Russia and abroad.

The Institute is proud of the international collection of children’s drawings (1897 – 2017). The collection includes over 200 thousand items from more than 40 countries and reflects the history of childhood with varying degrees of completeness in the countries of Europe and Asia. Most fully presents the history of art education in Russia.