«Theatre on the Riverbank's»

It was the first night of the performance «Children of the Great Depression» on January 12th in the Center «Theatre on the Riverbank». The play is based on John Steinbeck's novella «Of Mice and Men» and Robert Frost's poems.

The play was presented as one of four graduate works of the studio that this season will finish the mid-level of Systematic Theatre Educational Process («STEP by step Theatre»). This particular play involves only the male part of the studio - 8 boys between 13-15 years old. Creative director of the Center, Fedor Sykhov, adopted and staged the play for the studio. Eduard Evdokimov worked with the studio as a director/tutor.

The «STEP by step Theatre’s» performance «Children of the Great Depression» was originally designed as a creative and educational project. The performance helped children to initiate the dialogue with the interconnectedness of the natural and social world in order to preserve the alive  historical experience and emotional memory of generations. Thus, apart from the rehearsals, it included creative explorative work and extracurricular research; all participants of the performance became acquainted with the era of the Great Depression of 1930s. The participants discovered lives and characters of those days Americans, read the works of John Steinbeck and Robert Frost, watched documentaries and feature films referred to that time period, and searched for corresponding literature and photography materials. Every participant of the play has also created his own family tree. They even explored the field of carpentry and these skills were also highly valuable while designing the set.

After viewing this play, the artistic/educational Council of the Center came to the decision to include «Children of the Great Depression» in the current repertoire of the «Theatre on the Riverbank». Now there are 32 drama plays addressed to children, youth and adult audiences.


Photo: © «Theatre on the Riverbank»