«Theatre on the Riverbank»

«Theatre on the Riverbank»  (www.nabereg.ru)  - was founded in 1980 in Moscow by the group of volunteers under the artistic leadership of Fedor Sukhov – professional stage director, theatre and film actor, world renown drama teacher and the winner of honorary title «Teacher of the Year of the Russian Federation» (1993).

The Theatre was founded as a partnership of adult professionals and children. Their common work on staging and acting in performances are based on open-minded and open-hearted, conscious, responsible cooperation and co-creation. In 1994 on the base of the Theatre was opened The State Educational Center «Theatre on the Riverbank» for children and adolescents from 7 to 18 years.

The Center has a lot of educational training programs and workshops for children and young adults, based on the original methods of artistic director Fedor Sukhov. He successfully approved those workshops in 16 countries all over the world with children as well as with professional actors and stage directors.

Today «Theatre on the Riverbank» conceptually exists and evolves in a space of drama theatre as the unique «Creative Ecosystem», which includes four variously interconnected Theatres, as structures and processes at the same time – «4 Theatres»:

  •  «TIGers» or Theatrical Interactive Games, which are open for different children, their parents and spectators;
  • «STEP by step Theatre» or Systematic Theatre  Educational Process, as purposeful and evolutional process at the same time;
  • «ACTheatre» or repertoire Stage  Theatre in which professional Adults &  Children  work together on staging and acting in performances;
  • «ARTheatre» or Authors` Research Theatre, in which different correlations of various  authors` cultural worlds are  researched through a co-creative authors` work in a space of drama theatre.

These days the repertoire of the «Theatre on the Riverbank» includes about 30 names of drama performances and has about 4 first nights every season. The performances appeal to audience of all ages. There are performances for children, teenagers, youth and adults.

The Center regularly participates in national and international theatre festivals. It represented Russia at the 5th World Theatre Festival in Lingen, Germany; took part in the «Cherry Wood», Russia, Moscow; «Russian classics in Latvia»; «Atzaleno scena», Lithuania; «Big Break» and «White Nights», Russia, Perm. The Center is also a partner of international human rights forum «Pilorama», as well as forums and Theatre festivals in France, Finland, Israel, Croatia, Austria, Estonia, Ukraine and Belarus.

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