Opera and Ballet Maly Theater "Galina Vishnevskaya" and Children and Youth Opera and Ballet Studio

In the Eastern Administrative District of Moscow there is the unique creative team of like-minded people united by the idea of ​​cultural development and artistic education of the younger generation.

 This group is the Opera and Ballet Maly Theater and it  rightfully named after the outstanding singer Galina Vishnevskaya. It is headed by the director of the College of music and theater art # 61 of Moscow, theater's artistic director, Honored Teacher of the Russian Federation, laureate of the President of Russia, laureate of the mayor of Moscow Elena Tratsevskaya.

«Theatre on the Riverbank»

«Theatre on the Riverbank»  (www.nabereg.ru)  - was founded in 1980 in Moscow by the group of volunteers under the artistic leadership of Fedor Sukhov – professional stage director, theatre and film actor, world renown drama teacher and the winner of honorary title «Teacher of the Year of the Russian Federation» (1993).

The Theatre was founded as a partnership of adult professionals and children. Their common work on staging and acting in performances are based on open-minded and open-hearted, conscious, responsible cooperation and co-creation. In 1994 on the base of the Theatre was opened The State Educational Center «Theatre on the Riverbank» for children and adolescents from 7 to 18 years.