On  7-13 October 2013 will be held Moldova Dancefest. This year, the structure of the festival is built around contact improvisation and tango.  Both of these forms of dance are exploring the possibilities of physics of the body and the interaction among people. They are based on the improvisation, which brings with it opening of mind and creativity.

The experiences of these two kinds of dance not only complement each other, but also provide the possibility of combining the incompatible: restraint and freedom, listening and determination, clarity and unpredictability.

"... When I dance, I feel the beauty - strength, flexibility, creativity, boldness, sensitivity, humanity. And it makes me feel that I achieve something holistic. " Martin Keogh

We will have 7 days to try to go all the way from training classes to a final integral creation. We maintain our format "Focusing on Dance": during the festival, we will think through and create video works, performances, which will be presented to the audience on the final day, as well as during the following events in Moldova and abroad.

The structure of the festival:

    October 7-9:  3 classes every day: tango, CI and ContacTango

    10 October: free time, mental preparation for video and performance laboratories

    October 11-13: Video, performance laboratories and video shooting

    October 13: gala presentation of the festival results

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