Drawn up on the basis of deliberations undertaken during and following the World Conference on Arts Education (6-9 March 2006, Lisbon, Portugal), the “The Questionnaire on implementation of the Road Map for Arts Education” aims to explore the role of Arts Education in meeting the need for creativity and cultural awareness in the twenty-first century.

The Questionnaire on implementation of  the Road Map was especially designed to promote a common understanding among all stakeholders of the essential role of Arts Education by providing an adaptable framework with which Member States can develop their own guidelines in the field of Arts Education. In practical terms, it is meant to serve as an evolving reference document outlining concrete changes as well as measures required to effectively implement Arts Education in different learning environments. The document also aims to establish a solid framework for future decisions and actions in this field. The Questionnaire on implementation of the Road Map is therefore intended to communicate a clear vision and develop a consensus on the importance of Arts Education for building a creative and culturally aware society; to encourage collaborative reflection and action; and to garner the necessary resources to ensure the more complete integration of Arts Education into various social, cultural and historical situations.

The questionnaire is available to fill out and send to the responsible coordinator for your country. For more information, please contact the coordinator of the site here.

The Questionnaire (PDF)