UNESCO global project «The Children of the World are Painting»

The International «Forum Art Gorod» has been а participant in the UNESCO global project «The Children of the World are Painting» since 2004. The project implementation contributes to the development of creative thinking and artistic self-expression of the younger generation.

Developing the intercultural dialogue, the «Forum Art Gorod» with the support of the UNESCO Moscow Office for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, the Republic of Moldova and the Russian Federation has held the contest of the children’s paintings on the subject: «Heroes of Our Time: All Different, All Unique» in 2008—2009.

The contest is devoted to the support of cultural diversity. Children from all parts of Russia and many foreign countries have sent thousands of wonderful paintings. The expert jury’s decided the price-winners and awarded them. Leonid NIKOLAEV, 16 years old, from Yena; Gasan DZHANSAIDOV, 14 years old, from Makhachkala; Anna KHASAMUTINOVA, 14 years old, from Noyabrsk; Bogdan KUPLEVATSKY, 9 years old, from Pechora and Ksenia SHUBINA, 10 years old, from Pervomaiski were awarded Special Diplomas of the UNESCO Moscow Office for the best work in the nomination «Promotion of Cultural Diversity and Intercultural Dialogue».

The contest enables the younger generation to see that each culture is distinct and unique through the alembic of fancy and to соmе to the world of art, where the search of truth and the disputes about good and evil are always under way. Art helps the young hopefuls to feel and understand their own lives, their ties with nature, parents, friends, their role in the society
and the universe.

The Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity adopted in 2001 and the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (2005) are the most important UNESCO documents in the field of support of cultural diversity. According to the Declaration, cultural diversity is “the common heritage of humanity and should be recognized and affirmed for the benefit of present and future generations”. In this context it is important to underline one more time the role of cultural diversity, on the one hand, in the identification of an individual, and on the other – in the definition of belonging to one or another community. Cultural diversity is the prerequisite for forming of respect of the dignity of an individual.

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