Art education at school

On 8th of April 2017 the round table "Art education at school" was hosted at the State culture establishment of Moscow Museum and Exhibition Association Manege.

It was opened by the Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilieva.

At the meeting, which started a long and constructive conversation to the problems of art education, took part Akishina E. director of FSBI "Institute of art education and cultural studies of the Russian Academy of education", Goncharova O. the head of FSBIC "National center of artistic creativity", Nemensky B. director of the Center for continuing art education, Moscow Institute of open education, academician of Russian academy of education and Russian academy of art, Andriyaka S. the rector of the Academy of watercolor and fine arts named after S. Andriyaka, Sabatinov A. director of the Provincial Svetlanskaja Lyceum.

The moderator of the meeting was the head of the Department of state policy in the sphere of General education Maynulova I.

In the address to the audience, Olga Vasilieva stressed that schools had no right to reduce the number of hours allocated for creative subjects, because art education brought up the sense of beauty in the young souls.

The Minister appealed to the professional community with the request for assistance to the Department to define the educational standards for art subjects.

Director of FSBI «Institute of art education and cultural studies of Russian academy of education» Akishina E. said that art not only promoted the initiation of students to the spiritual life of society, but also developed children spiritually-moral guidelines and the ability of creative development of the environment.

The «Institute of art education and cultural studies of RAO» is one of the oldest research institutions in the system of Russian academy of education. Among the experts of the Institute are the authors of educational programs, textbooks, methodical manuals on art (visual art, music, theatre, movies, world culture) for pupils, students of pedagogical higher education institutions, teachers of different levels.

At present the Institute of art education and cultural studies is one of the coordinatorss of development and discussion of the Concept of teaching and studying the subject area "Art".