The magic of music

The unusual performances in the framework of the international project «Children in opera» took place in the Perm academic theatre of opera and ballet named by Tchaikovsky. The author of the project is senior researcher of Federal state scientific institution «Institute of art education and cultural studies of the Russian Academy of education», candidate of pedagogical Sciences Krasilnikova Marina Stanislavovna.

Students of the Perm Physics and mathematics School №9 named by Pushkin, Lyceum №10, School of business and entrepreneurship, as well as young guests from Serbia primary school «21.October» gave the concert on the professional stage of Perm academic theatre of opera and ballet. There were about twenty schools.

Anyone became indifferent to the performance of the Opera «The malachite box» by D. Bakhtin. Professional platform is very demanding. All the participants were treated with great responsibility to the preparation of the play. Even the costumes for young singers sewed as well as for adult performers.

The international musical project «Children in Opera» began its history from 2008. During this time it was attended by students of different musical and secondary schools. «Prince Igor» by A. Borodin, «The snow maiden» and «Tsar's bride» by N. Rimsky-Korsakov, «Boris Godunov» by M. P. Musorgsky were hold with great success on the opera stage of  Perm, Samara and Yoshkar-Ola. Perm became permanent and welcoming playground for the unique project. Its purpose is to engage in music as many participants as possible. Its main achievement is the musical event which fascinates everybody. And this time the opera ended with the grand chorus of actors and spectators.

Permanent seminar for music teachers was also held in Perm. During this seminar the teachers met new content and technologies of music education in school. It is important to note that the project is a continuation of comprehensive music lessons on the program «To the pinnacle of musical art»".