UNESCO Questionnaire Kyrgyzstan

Drawn up on the basis of deliberations undertaken during and following the World Conference on Arts Education (6-9 March 2006, Lisbon, Portugal), the "Road Map for Arts Education" aims to explore the role of Arts Education in meeting the need for creativity and cultural awareness in the twenty-first century.

The questionnaire was oficially sent to Member States in July 2007, UNESCO has promoted the document's use as a practical template for policy-guiding recommendations in order to implement Arts Education in various specific contexts at national level. In light of the 2nd World Conference on Arts Education, hosted by the Government of the Republic of Korea in 2010, UNESCO is particularly committed to undertaking an assessment survey on its implementation in each Member State. This evaluation, whose results was presented at the World Conference 2010, also provide an overview of the status of Arts Education and a list of current issues addressed in national Arts Education programmes and the diverse methods and policies used in the area of Arts Education.

The following Questionnaire is completed by the Kyrgyz Republic and shows the situation of the Arts Education system in country. 

Questionnaire (PDF)