Teacher training in the field of Arts Education in Kyrgyzstan

In 1990 owing to an interaction of pedagogic personnel of schools, higher education institutions, methodologists of the Kyrgyz Scientific and Research Institute of Pedagogy (KSRIP) and Republican Institute of Retraining of Teachers (RIRT), scientists of Academy of Sciences and representatives of art unions developed a project of the “Conception on aesthetic upbringing in the system of people’s education of the Kirghiz SSR”. In accordance with this conception, the following were the main categories around which concrete forms and methods of aesthetic upbringing would have been concentrated:


  •  Individual (Conception is oriented to an upbringing of the individual and is realized through individual);
  • Art (Conception supposes an active creative work of all involved in the field of certain upbringing in creation and development of aesthetic values);

System (Conception is oriented to inclusion of all sections of the population from pupils to pensioners, and using opportunities for aesthetic upbringing provided by governmental and public organizations, and independent collectives).

The project of Conception consisted of three sections:

  • The first section “Aesthetic upbringing – the most important factor of formation of the creative person” established importance of acquiring artistic and aesthetic education by every individual as it is not possible to bring up a holistic person.
  • The second section “Main directions of aesthetic upbringing in the system of continuous education” underlined stages of aesthetic upbringing and driving forces in their realization – family, pre-school establishments, school, and professional education institutions.
  • In the third section “Mechanisms of realization of the Strategy of aesthetic upbringing” were outlined.