State Policy and Legislation in Arts Education Area

Since 1990s Kyrgyzstan has taken series of steps that have significant influence on stabilization of the art education system and its further development in difficult conditions of a transition period. At the first place, it includes the establishment of a legal framework for education. The main legal norms of democratic functioning and development of education system are determined with approval of the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic, laws of the KR “On Education”, “On Culture”, “On State Language”, “On Status of the Teacher”, etc., and the Strategy of arts education, cultural and youth policy in Kyrgyzstan. The art education measures at all levels are regulated by normative acts of the Government of the KR, regulations, orders, and instructions of relevant ministries and institutions.

In April of 2008 the Ministry of Education and Sciences of the KR approved the Strategy and Target Program of multicultural and multilingual education in Kyrgyz Republic. The Strategy introduces multiculturality as one of the principles of education, which denominates a dominant orientation to multiplicity and diversity of cultural values and norms, and their equal status in education.

Strategy sets forth that a goal of multicultural education is a preparation of the graduate of educational system to life and successful professional activity in a multicultural environment through acknowledgement of the value of cultural diversity for Kyrgyzstan, knowing history and culture of ethno-cultural groups living in the country, speaking native, state, and official languages and one of the world languages, and benevolent attitude and capability to adaptation in an unknown cultural environment through development of openness.