Structure of Arts Education System in Kyrgyzstan

The art education in Kyrgyzstan includes formal and informal forms of education in fields of pre-school, general school, out-of-school, professional and technical, higher, and postgraduate education.

In accordance with legislation, the new educational and qualification levels, and variety of forms of education – full-time, part-time, and distant are introduced. The presence of multilevel scheme ensures free choice and access to education according to motivations and abilities of the individual and of society in 21st century.

The art education is contested in a series of innovative and pilot projects and programs as a factor contributing social and spiritual rehabilitation of the new generation, and in addition, an art-therapy complements medical and work therapy for children and adults. With regard to the modern state of art education in Kyrgyzstan the preparation of analytical report brought to light several problems in this field. Permanent and often chaotic measures in reforming the system of education as a whole, shortage in financing, infrastructure, and qualified pedagogic personnel does not allow unveiling opportunities of the artistic and aesthetic education.

At the same time, challenges of 21st century demand from the system of art education of Kyrgyzstan to determine a clear policy and comprehensive strategy. Thus, there is a vital necessity to develop a holistic system of art and aesthetic upbringing and education that will be in unity with concepts of Life-long Learning and Education, Education for All, and Education for Sustainable Development.