Priorities of Arts Education in Kyrgyzstan

With acquisition of independence the strategy of state is focused on an adaptation of the system of art education to the new conditions of socially oriented economy, democratic culture, and integration into the world society.

The task of development of variative educational programs enriched with national and cultural content in underlined in the “Strategy of Education Development in Kyrgyz Republic”, which was developed by the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Youth Policy of the KR for 2007-2010 within the framework of realization of the Millennium Development Goals, Education for Sustainable Development, EFA Goals, and of reforming the system of education. In this respect, the objective influence of tendencies that are common to the modern civilizations is considered to provide quality art education and realization of creative abilities of the individual and society in 20th century. The first tendency is strengthening of the process of globalization that leads to formation of a planetary informational field and to the intensive exchange of results of material and spiritual activity. The second is based on creation of positive conditions for individual development of a person, his/her self-fulfillment.

Approaches and practical measures of reforming and development of art education is rooted on conception of building an independent democratic state, which is based on the following priorities:

  • access to education and professional training in the field of culture and arts for all those, which have abilities and motivation;
  • use of art education and professional training in the field of culture and arts in order to protect interests of society and stratification of its members on roles and statutes;
  • diminishing monopoly rights of the state in education sphere in the field of culture and arts trough establishment of non-state educational and rehabilitation institutions on equal basis, and formation of multidimensional investment policy in the field of education.