Teacher training in the field of Arts Education in Kazakhstan

Improvement of professional skill of teachers of art education is carried out by institutes of advanced and post-graduate training; training courses at national and public universities; and also within the special trainings which are conducted by the recognized art education centers in the country and abroad. Most of the education institutions have established the methodic rooms in order to provide technical support for teachers and students. In 2009 the advanced training institutions have trained 870 teachers of music and 876 teachers of drawing and fine arts from secondary schools, and 1,129 teachers from additional education organizations. 62% of the total amount of teachers of music has passed retraining on the revised textbooks (so-called 'new generation of textbooks'), 57% of teachers of drawing, 42% of teachers of art, 7% of teachers of painting and 15% of teachers of technology.

Issues of reorganization of system of improvement of professional skills and retraining of pedagogical staff remain in the core the national program of education development. The program takes into account the modern education management approaches, reform of training techniques and technologies, and targets the following priorities:

• Re-establishment of the systematic retraining and advanced training of teachers and educational staff at recognized universities and high schools;
• Review of the curriculum content for the of educational qualifications, design of variable training moduls;
• Introduction the themes of long-life education and psychological approaches in the content of all curricula for teachers and educational staff;
• Design of the adequate system of the accreditation for teachers and senior education officers, and licensing of individual pedagogical activity;
• Improving of motivation mechanisms for teachers and prevention of the leakage of educational staff.

The curricula should focus on training of the multi-lingual teacher capable to absorb and develop an innovative pedagogical technologies, creative research and activity, comprehensive information and use of distant education technologies.

In 2009-2010 the National Commission on Overseas Professional Training has awarded "Bolashak" International grant under the President of Republic Kazakhstan, to 1,447 young academicians for post-graduate training at globally recognized higher educational institutions, research centers and laboratories. This amount also included certain art qualifications.