Structure of Arts Education System in Kazakhstan

The structure of art education in the Republic of Kazakhstan corresponds to the system of national education and includes following levels:

1) Preschool education and training;
2) Primary education;
3) Basic education and additional education;
4) Vocational and technical secondary education;
5) Higher education;
6) Post-graduate education.

The Ministry of Education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan designs and adopts the compulsory education standards, confirms the standard curriculums; issues licenses for conducting of education activities; in cooperation with employers and other social partners describes and approves the occupational classifiers; develops and adopts terms of reference for educational workers and teachers and related workers; confirms the procedures of educational worker’s evaluation, and organizes the advanced training courses and postgraduate trainings/apprenticeship for pedagogical staff. At present, the academic freedom of institutes of higher education has been sufficiently extended: the optional components were increased for bachelor courses from 40% to 50%, for MA courses - from 50% to 60%, and for doctorate - from 70% up to 80%.

Complementary art education is one of the popular training areas. The children’s creative capacity building in music, choreography, and circus, theater, graphics, decorative and applied art helps to learn from arts history, respect attitude towards historical development, national heritage and culture.