7th World Summit on Arts and Culture

The World Summit on Arts and Culture is an important and longest running international gathering of professionals and practitioners involved in cultural policy and arts funding. The 7th World Summit on Arts and Culture will be jointly hosted by the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA) and Arts Council Malta from 18 October to 21 October 2016, in Valletta, Malta.

One of IFACCA’s most significant initiatives, the World Summit on Arts and Culture is an event held every two or three years intended to provide a unique platform for national arts councils, ministries of culture and other agencies active in the global arts and culture sector to:

  • discuss and exchange experiences and ideas about key issues affecting public support for the arts and creativity;
  • engage in insightful, stimulating debate and discussions among policy makers within the context of contemporary global and national challenges;
  • challenge or affirm current practices by benchmarking good practice;
  • create networking opportunities to build relationships and potential partnerships; and
  • develop networking, organizational and advocacy objectives and interests of IFACCA and its members.

The World Summit on Arts and Culture is the global network of national arts funding agencies dedicated to improving good practice in arts and cultural policy development, arts funding, audience development and public access to the arts. Previous World Summits on Arts and Culture has been held in Canada (2000), Singapore (2003), England (2006), South Africa (2009) and Australia (2011), Chile (2014): http://ifacca.org/ifacca_events/world-summits/

At the conclusion of the 6th World Summit (Santiago, Chile), Arts Council Malta was announced as the co-host of the 7th World Summit on Arts and Culture.

During the 7th World Summit, a number of IFACCA member events will also take place, including the CEO Leadership Seminar, the 5th General Assembly, regional chapter meetings and members’ lunch. Members and affiliates are invited to participate.


More information will be available soon: http://www.ifacca.org/events/2016/10/18/7th-world-summit-arts-and-culture/