Education through Art

In the education system of the Republic of Belarus a socio-cultural dimension of arts education is being emphasised. It is defined as education through art. Its difference from the traditional arts education lies in its orientation on a creative potential of a person and therefore on creation of a free cultural and intellectual resource necessary to solve urgent tasks facing modern society. The essence of the traditional arts education can be disclosed through the category of training (a listener, audience, a performer, a pedagogue). The functional area of education through art is wider; it can be interpreted through such categories as formation, development, rehabilitation and adaptation.

Art gives an opportunity to implement in practice the developmental function of education. It means that the emphasis is shifted from mastering subject activity to students’ development ensuring a chance to expand and deepen their vision of own inner world, to develop general culture.

There are enough practices of art use aimed at implementation of humanitarian potential of education in the national education system. These practices can be structured from three aspects:

  • integration processes in the content of education;
  • expansion of educational space;
  • use of activities characteristic of culture.