Content of Arts Education in Belarus

The content of arts education in the Republic of Belarus covers such arts as literature, fine arts, music, choreography, dramatic art, design, photographic art, art of cinematography, digital arts, media, arts and crafts as well as the heritage, storytelling and national traditions. The tendencies of differentiation (specialization) and integration characteristic for the development of artistic culture in general find their reflection in the contents of the arts education.

The fact that there are autonomously presented art forms in the framework of the arts education reflects the tendency of differentiation (specialisation), which is characteristic for culture and reflects the result of a centuries-old process of experience accumulation, improvement of methods and forms of education in music, fine arts, dramatic art and other art forms.

Literary education as a component of arts education is implemented in the Republic of Belarus at pre-school, general secondary, specialised secondary and higher educational levels, as well as in the system of in-service training and retraining of pedagogical staff.

Fine arts
One of the basic principles of state policy in education is the principle of protection and development of the educational system and national culture. The content of education, in general, provides integration of the individual with the national and world culture.

The development of musical art begins at the level of pre-school education. The programme of pre-school education Praleska assigns an important place for aesthetic education section where all kinds of musical activity are widely represented: perception, movement to music, singing, instrumental music-making. Musical material used in the process of learning includes folk songs, tales, merry songs, works of contemporary composers and classical composers.


Five levels can be distinguished in the system of choreographic education. The process of teaching choreography in the Republic of Belarus is based on continuity between levels.




Dramatic art
Dramatic education is one of the most important components of arts education of the Republic of Belarus. It is implemented at the pre-school, general secondary, specialised secondary, higher education, the system of in service training and retraining of teachers.



Design is artistic and project activity directed at formation of esthetic value for the subjects of material and spiritual use by means of development of their formal qualities.

Photographic art
Familiarization with the art of photography is carried out at the II stage of general secondary education. There are such extracurricular studies as Basics of Artistic Photography and Photo Design. Extracurricular studies are held at will of students.

Art of cinematography
Assimilation of the art of cinema starts at the II stage of general secondary education. The art of cinematography is studied theoretically within the framework of extracurricular activities The Art of Cinematography and Music of Film and Television.