Structure of Arts Education System in Belarus

The system of arts education in the Republic of Belarus is viewed in the unity of its formal and informal components. The former one means education, which is carried out at educational institutions. And the latter means education carried out at organizations and institutions, where arts education is not basic.

Within the formal sector the spheres of basic and lifelong education are distinguished. Basic education is subdivided into five levels: pre-school education, general secondary education, vocational training, specialized secondary education and higher education. Within the lifelong education they distinguish out-of-school education and in-service training and retraining of specialists.

Basic education is divided into the following five levels: pre-school, general secondary, vocational and technical, specialized secondary and higher education. In its aggregate the levels ensure the implementation of the lifelong education principle.

Within the framework of lifelong education the out-of-school education and training as well as in-service training and retraining of specialists are pointed out.