Priorities of Arts Education in Belarus

The contemporary system of arts education is characterized by the phenomenon of integration, which can be traced both at the level of the structure of the national artistic and educational system and at the level of its substantive content.

The structure of arts education is characterized by inter-level integration. It is reflected by appearance on the map of arts education of new types of educational institutions. The integration can be carried out internally or externally. An example of internal integration at the level of pre-school and general secondary education is a kindergarten-school.

Structure of Arts Education System in Belarus

The system of arts education in the Republic of Belarus is viewed in the unity of its formal and informal components. The former one means education, which is carried out at educational institutions. And the latter means education carried out at organizations and institutions, where arts education is not basic.

Content of Arts Education in Belarus

The content of arts education in the Republic of Belarus covers such arts as literature, fine arts, music, choreography, dramatic art, design, photographic art, art of cinematography, digital arts, media, arts and crafts as well as the heritage, storytelling and national traditions. The tendencies of differentiation (specialization) and integration characteristic for the development of artistic culture in general find their reflection in the contents of the arts education.

State Policy and Legislation in Arts Education Area

The legal instruments currently in force provide an opportunity for operation of various models of arts education of pre-school age children both in and out of pre-school institutions. Legal acts regulate the definition of arts education content, academic hours, legal relations with parents, resource conditions of the organization of the educational process.

Teacher training in the field of Arts Education in Belarus

At the level of higher education specialists in the field of culture and teachers in the field of arts education are trained. 

Specialist training in the field of culture is carried out by 3 institutions of higher education, namely the Belarusian State Academy of Music, which trains specialists in the field of music; the Belarusian Academy of Arts, which trains specialists in the field of theatre and cinema (actors, directors, cameramen, animators), fine arts (artists, sculptors), design; the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts, which is the leading university in the field of culture providing training of specialists with higher education in 17 professions. These institutions of higher education are major cultural, educational and research centres. They implement large-scale concert, exhibition and theatrical activities.

Education through Art

In the education system of the Republic of Belarus a socio-cultural dimension of arts education is being emphasised. It is defined as education through art. Its difference from the traditional arts education lies in its orientation on a creative potential of a person and therefore on creation of a free cultural and intellectual resource necessary to solve urgent tasks facing modern society. The essence of the traditional arts education can be disclosed through the category of training (a listener, audience, a performer, a pedagogue). The functional area of education through art is wider; it can be interpreted through such categories as formation, development, rehabilitation and adaptation.