Teacher training in the field of Arts Education in Azerbaijan

Professional arts education — is the process of education and upbringing of certain target groups, which will in future be involved in culture and arts. Their skills shall be targeted at development and satisfaction of cultural needs of communities. Among others, shall be mainly noted:
— theatres, museums, libraries, galleries, concert halls and cultural centers;
— theater and music troupes and their principal performers;
— actors, directors, artists;
— mass media involved in culture and public assessments;
— culture and art management bodies at all levels;
— training of professional pedagogic staff.

Professional arts education system — combination of social structures and institutions providing training services for culture and arts. The integral components of this system are similar to elements of the general arts education system.

There is training provided at a level of higher professional education for professional personnel in the field of culture and art, as well as for pedagogical personnel in the field of art and aesthetics. Higher education in culture and art in Azerbaijan is provided by the Baku Academy of Music, the Azerbaijan National Conservatory, the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts, and the Azerbaijan State Art Academy. Some universities also run courses for students intending to work in cultural institutions.