State Policy and Legislation in Arts Education Area

President of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev, by his resolution from September 5, 2009 on application of the “Law on Education” of the Republic of Azerbaijan has initiated the process of major reforms and advancements in the national education system. Law on education has a great significance for the country, for future generations as well as formation of progressive and competitive nation. The law will surely reflect the organization of the artistic education as well. Therefore, we may say with certainty that the artistic education in Azerbaijan is at commencement of fundamental reforms.

Any decisions in education, including artistic education are of perspective nature. In other words, the decisions, as well as each contribution and step taken in this area, shall be considered as national investment with dividends in the form of country’s prosperity. Also, it is necessary to take into consideration that education is quite a problematic sector. It is virtually impossible to satisfy all needs and consider all options and trends of future development. Educational models have a tendency for regular changes and this is driven by the dynamics of development of the social and political relations.