Content of Arts Education in Azerbaijan

For more detailed analysis of this issue it is necessary to set the highlights of the Law on Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which sets some principles of the arts education. Thus, the subject law stipulates:

— preservation of cultural and historic heritage;
— support to art;
— legal, scientific and informational development of the sector;
— development of human potential and support to young talents;
— development of child music and art schools, as well as artistic centers;
— development of cultural science;

— rehabilitation and development of national cinematography;
— establishment and development of the cultural tourism infrastructure;
— development of book publishing.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan develop an agreement on cooperation in the training of personnel for artistic and specialized higher education schools. In addition to above reforms implemented by state, Republic of Azerbaijan takes an active part in all programs organized by the Commonwealth Independent States on development of education in culture and art. These programs represent the entire system of priorities, main directions and trends of development of this cultural field in CIS. Former Soviet states have similar problems in this field and try to find a uniform and efficient method for their settlement.