Priorities of Arts Education Azerbaijan

Cultural policy, as an integral part of the state policy, is absolutely equivalent to all other directions of political activity. To make the people be aware about it, the fundamental reforms in culture are required, raise awareness on the tangible and intangible assets in various forms and promote the cultural values of the nation.


The actual evidence to above and undisputable subject of pride in the modern cultural history of Azerbaijan is the Conference of Culture Ministers of European Council member states held in Baku in December, 2008. The main topic of the conference was “Intercultural dialogue as basis of peace and sustainable development in Europe and neighboring states”.

The analysis of the recommended cultural policy in the country allows the highlighting of three strategic goals, which include:

  • preservation of the cultural potential and cultural heritage of the country, systems of arts and creative education, provision of succession traditions in the national culture development, along with support of diversity of the cultural life and cultural innovations;
  • provision of the common cultural space, achievement of equal opportunities for residents of various regions of the country and representatives of various social groups in their access to cultural values, development of conditions for dialogue of cultures in the multinational state;
  • formation of orientation of individuals and social groups on values supporting the successful advancement of target communities.