Priorities of Arts Education Azerbaijan

Cultural policy, as an integral part of the state policy, is absolutely equivalent to all other directions of political activity. To make the people be aware about it, the fundamental reforms in culture are required, raise awareness on the tangible and intangible assets in various forms and promote the cultural values of the nation.

Structure of Arts Education System in Azerbaijan

The system of artistic and aesthetic education in the Republic of Azerbaijan is realized out in two methods. The first method includes the education carried out within the framework of educational institutions; the second method includes the education carried out in the organizations for which the artistic and educational activities are not the major trend.

Content of Arts Education in Azerbaijan

For more detailed analysis of this issue it is necessary to set the highlights of the Law on Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which sets some principles of the arts education. Thus, the subject law stipulates:

— preservation of cultural and historic heritage;
— support to art;
— legal, scientific and informational development of the sector;
— development of human potential and support to young talents;
— development of child music and art schools, as well as artistic centers;
— development of cultural science;

State Policy and Legislation in Arts Education Area

President of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev, by his resolution from September 5, 2009 on application of the “Law on Education” of the Republic of Azerbaijan has initiated the process of major reforms and advancements in the national education system. Law on education has a great significance for the country, for future generations as well as formation of progressive and competitive nation. The law will surely reflect the organization of the artistic education as well. Therefore, we may say with certainty that the artistic education in Azerbaijan is at commencement of fundamental reforms.

Teacher training in the field of Arts Education in Azerbaijan

Professional arts education — is the process of education and upbringing of certain target groups, which will in future be involved in culture and arts. Their skills shall be targeted at development and satisfaction of cultural needs of communities. Among others, shall be mainly noted:
— theatres, museums, libraries, galleries, concert halls and cultural centers;
— theater and music troupes and their principal performers;
— actors, directors, artists;
— mass media involved in culture and public assessments;
— culture and art management bodies at all levels;
— training of professional pedagogic staff.

Education through Arts

Cognitive functions of the arts education for children and youths is implemented via systematic obtaining of knowledge on various types of art, understanding of essence of artistic reflection of realities, achievement of rules of arts as form of public conscience. Understanding of the world of art discloses to young people the true and false, helps to comprehend the “laws of beauty” for various areas of life and appearances, to form the basis of artistic thinking. Thoughtful penetration into the valuable content of world’s spiritual heritage, “life vision” helps the new generations to understand the essence and destination of the arts, nature of artistic activities and continuity of the human art processes.



Comparative approach, as well as analysis of entire system of art education in Azerbaijan allows us to derive a number of generalized recommendations that could affect the quality of the functioning of the system. In principle, it should be emphasized that, a set of tasks and functional features have a certain identity in all countries of the CIS art education system. In other words, the functional and methodological resources have a certain identity. The difference is found in national priorities of the educational and cultural policies of individual countries.