International scientific-practical web-conference

Dear colleagues!

We have honour to invite You to International scientific-practical web-conference

"Problems and perspectives of arts education in the context of contemporary culture",

which will be hold on 4th of July 2017.

The Web conference is initiated by Federal state budgetary scientific institution

«Institute of art education and cultural studies of

the Russian Academy of education" –

 the general coordinator of the bilingual information resource «Observatory of arts education of the States-participants of CIS»,

developed in the framework of the project of UNESCO/IFESCCO «Arts education in CIS countries: issues and prospects for building creative capacities for XXI century» (2009-2014).

The purpose of the event is to attract the attention of the expert community to current issues and tasks of arts education; the consolidation of specialists, scientific and pedagogical community for the solution of modern problems of humanitarian education; increase of social importance of education through art in the modern world.

Discussion questions:

• The social significance of arts education and education through art, development of creative potential of children in modern information society;

•  Promoting a partnership of States-participants of the CIS in the field of art education with the aim of preserving cultural diversity and national cultural priorities;

• To update and promote scientific research on the basis of national strategies for the development of arts education and international cooperation;

• Innovative forms, technologies and methods of promotion and broadcast of the experience of art education in modern international space;

• Modern strategy of development of artistic education in the world;

• Educational and exhibition projects for artistically gifted children of different ages.

• The art technologies in the development of children and youth with special health needs.

Deadline: 31 may 2017 e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


With the form of the presentation of the conference materials can be found in

Appendix 1, requirements for materials in Annex No. 2.



According to the decision of the organizing Committee of the materials of a web conference will be published on 4th of July 2017:

 • on the website "Observatory of arts education of the States-participants of CIS" (;

 • on the website of the main project coordinator Federal state budgetary scientific institution "Institute of art education and cultural studies of the Russian Academy of education" (;

 • network electronic scientific journal "Pedagogy of art" (the edition is available in databases and directories: Genamics JournalSeek, Russian index of scientific citation (RISC), etc.) ( in accordance with the regulations on reviewing of the electronic journal "Pedagogy of art" (



 To be considered articles, designed in accordance

with the following requirements to the presentation of text and illustrative materials:

 The article is sent in one file, called the name of the author or the first author (co-authors).

 Example: Ivanov_2011.doc

 The manuscript format must conform to the following requirements:

 – the article must be clearly and logically structured

– title (in Russian and English)

– surname, name, patronymic [fully] (in Russian and English


– the title, degree, position (in Russian and English)

– place of work [full, including postal code, e-mail] (in Russian and English


– key words (in Russian and English)

 –  summary (in Russian and English)

– discussion and conclusion

– thanks and reference numbers of grants

– references

– table black and white without graphics and halftones (each on a separate page)

– illustration (JPEG, TIFF), diagrams, tables: author places himself in the text in Word.


The volume of submitted material should not exceed 10000 characters including spaces

(6 typewritten pages)

 sheet size: A4;

editor: Microsoft Word [Word for Windows 2003] ;

format: *.doc, *.rtf;

font: Times New Roman;

size: 14 regular – without the seal;

text without hyphenation;

line spacing – one and a half (computer);

justified alignment;

margins: top - 2 cm, bottom - 2 sm, right - 1,5 cm, left - 3cm;

the page numbers at the bottom center;

indentation 1.2 cm;

footnotes do not exist;

references are cited in square (not round) brackets;

the list of references at the end of the text (included in the total volume of the article).

 Requirements for drawing annotations

 • the optimal amount of NOT less than 600-700 characters without spaces;

• abstract should NOT repeat the title of the article to be full of common words, outlining the essence of the study;

• the abstract should describe the essence of the scientific problem considered in article, and to include the main conclusion of the research. It should be clearly and briefly set forth the object and purpose of the study, its methodology, novelty and the main results.

• the abstract should have a quality English translation that is the determining factor to overcome the language barrier in international scientific environment.

 Abstract reflecting the basic theses and conclusions of the research, allows to increase the citing of the article.

 Bibliography is issued in accordance with applicable standards. On the article pages are not listed interactive links to cited literature, the bibliography is printed only at the end of the article. In the text the number of the source is square (not round) brackets.