Introduction to the Arts Education System in Azerbaijan

Culture and art play vital role in formation of communities and individuals. They determine the art directions and trends. All the above is impossible to implement without large institutes and universities in culture and arts. These higher education schools establish the system of art education and artistic audience, as well develop the culture and arts performers, and assign their qualifications.

Main goals of these educational facilities are the following:  maintenance of national traditions in arts and culture; formation of the culture and arts;  staff development for common and professional arts education;  formation of cultural and historic competence, stipulating the studies of theory and history of arts of various times and nations; motivating the achievement of methods of artistic expression for various arts; formation of skills of independent artistic activities and perception of such activity as integral part of life.

The system of artistic and aesthetic education in the Republic of Azerbaijan is realized out in two methods. The first method includes the education carried out within the framework of educational institutions; the second method includes the education carried out in the organizations for which the artistic and educational activities is not the major trend. Education is divided into three levels — primary, secondary vocational and higher professional education. Taken together, the levels provide an implementation of the principle of continuity of education. In addition, each of the levels is focused on solving the specific problems.