Teacher training in the field of Arts Education in Armenia

In 2008, Ministry of Culture of Armenia established the Fund for Support of Art Education, whose activities are aimed at organizing and holding educational methodic and practical programs for teachers and students of musical and painting schools, as well as art schools in all regions of the country. Specifically, in all of the regions of Armenia, Fund branches have been set up to ensure direct activities in the field.

Thirty-three basic schools were established (three in each region) to increase access to art education and improve the quality of education in the area. Through 2008-2009, ten-day trainings and qualification improvement courses were organized for 360 teachers at the basic schools involving a total of 130 leading specialists. In addition, master classes for 500 pedagogues and 450 gifted students were organized.

The national Institute of Education and the Ministry of Education and Science of RA hold meetings, seminars and round tables each academic year for methodologists, deputy principals of educational institutions dealing with teaching fine arts at art faculties, heads of methodology unions and fine arts teachers to raise professional qualifications. Basic qualification improvement courses are organized on regular basis in the area of art education subjects. Methodic support to fine art teachers to adapt know-how, modern pedagogic experience, effective forms and methods of education is provided by field branches of the National Institute of Education.

There is also the practice of conducting courses and seminars at individual requests of pedagogues. The National Institute of Education implements preparation of teachers for general education institutions, teachers for secondary vocational institutions and pedagogues for out-of-school upbringing and training. The preparation is implemented in form of basic and target courses. Special courses at listeners’ requests are also organized.