Training courses for increasing qualification of personnel of institutions in the field of art education

Rapidly developing modern society places new demands in the field of educational institutions, particularly schools in the field of art education, the task of which is full and comprehensive development of the younger generation, becoming and the formation of the best qualities of the person


At present it is extremely important to update teaching methods and knowledge of teachers.

One of the most important aspects of the fund "Cultural education support" is increasing of qualification of personnel and schools of art education. The practical meaning of ongoing training courses is an increasing of qualification of teachers on the basis of basic schools includes:

  • Implementation of new methodical recommendations and achievements in the field of modern pedagogy in workshops with students.
  • Enrichment of arsenal of pedagogical forms and methods of work with students.
  • Formation of interests, volume of knowledge, skills and experience of teachers .
  • Development of creative potential of teachers , freedom of thought , not permitting standards and marks of obsolete "rules of pedagogy ", etc..

In the period from 2008 to 2013 under this program with more than 200 existing schools of Armenia participated in more than 3,000 teachers in different specialties.

Conducting lectures workshops and seminars, coordinated by the Fund, realized with the participation of 70 top experts of creative educational institutions of Armenia.