State Policy and Legislation in Arts Education Area

Government policy of the Republic of Armenia in the area of arts education is based on legislation most of which is composed of international legal documents («Universal Human Rights Declaration» /1948/, «Convention on Children's Rights» /1989/), as well as the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia. Based on the RA Constitution, other fundamental laws and normative documents were adopted, specifically:

• RA Law «On Education», 14 April, 1999;
• «Conceptual Grounds for Preservation, Spread and Development of RA Culture, 28 October, 2000;
• RA Law on «Basics of Cultural Legislation», 20 November, 2002;
• «Concept of Art Education» /RA Government decision of 18 November, 2004;
• RA Law “On Non-Material Cultural Legacy», 07 December, 2009.

Changes that have taken place in Armenia since 1991 in administration, education and economy have brought about the need to review the approaches, goals and objectives in culture which were also conditioned by decentralization policy. This refers to the law on «Local Self-Governance» of Armenia which was adopted in 1996 and moved institutions of primary art education under the supervision of local administrations. This includes over 200 musical schools, art and choreographic schools, as well as schools of arts which used to be subject to the Ministry of Culture of Armenia.