Priorities of Arts Education in Armenia

One of the key directions of the state strategy is a single cultural-educational policy. This is not only education in the cultural area, but also, no less importantly, culture in the education area. 

The government policy in the area of art education in Armenia is implemented by two ministries; Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia through local governance bodies.

Competent state bodies implement policy according to which along with perfecting the legislative basis in the area, it is necessary to also create conditions for detecting and creative growth of talented and gifted children and adolescents.

The system of art education includes aesthetic upbringing, general art education and professional art education. Implementation of programs on art education is realized at all types and sorts of educational institutions; kindergartens, general education schools, institutions of middle professional, higher and post-university professional education, all institutions of complementary education including musical, painting, choreographic schools and arts schools.

The system of art education in Armenia implies three-level education; primary, middle-special and higher. Primary art education is implemented at musical, painting, choreographic schools and arts schools, middle-special – in colleges, and higher – at creative universities. Each of the three levels of art education has certain dominant sides and others, as supplementary and accompanying ones. Importantly, age categories play a significant role in this. 

Government policy in the area of art education envisages not only development and formation of normative-legal grounds in the given area, defining forms and steps of art education, but also a number of measures aimed at implementation of staff policy, development of methodological guidebooks, academic curricula and events, financial-economic and material-technical basis in the given area.

It was mid-vocational, university and post-university institutions, scientific and creative organizations that were implementing qualification improvement and trainings for staff in the area of culture and arts. Preparation, improvement of qualification and training of staff in art education is implemented in two directions; preparation of specialists in Armenia and preparation of specialists abroad. Special focus is made on preparation of specialists in the areas that have scarce qualified staff in the country or where trainings inside Armenia are not available.