Orchestra Rehearsal

Orchestra Rehearsal From now on, every visitor of Alexander Spendiaryan House-Museum in Yerevan, regardless young or adult, can collect his/her own virtual symphony orchestra, or choose a work from the list of popular symphonic canvases and conduct it.

This opportunity is provided by a virtual game, offered to the visitors of the Spendiaryan House-Museum in the framework of the educational program "My Orchestra".

The program is envisaged primarily for the students of secondary schools, as well as young musicians and all music connoisseurs. In the hospitable atmosphere of the House-Museum named after Alexander Spendiaryan - a classical musician and the founder of Armenian symphonic music – the visitors will have an interesting and informative rendezvous not only with the famous composer and his creations, but also with his great contemporaries. Among those are maritime artist Hovhannes Aivazovsky and composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. Among those are painter Alexander Glazunov and the all-Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanyan. Among those are also young painter Martiros Saryan and Alexander Tamanyan - chief architect of the city of Yerevan...

As far back as in 1925, that was Tamanyan who showed the composer his plan of the first Soviet residential three-story building in Nalbandyan Street 23 /now 21/. The architect and composer considered the plan for a long time and chose an apartment with a view of Ararat. Here the composer spent the last years of his life from 1926 to 1928.

There was a truly cozy atmosphere in the small apartment of the composer: it was calm, warm, full of music and love for creativity. And it is not by chance that the current director of the House-Museum, composer Marina Otaryan, who has been running the museum since 1996, proudly notes that "Alexander Spendiaryan House-Museum has always been a unique cultural point of Yerevan."

The doors of Alexander Spendiaryan House-Museum are open to real connoisseurs of classic music. Alexander Spendiaryan is always pleased to welcome his guests ...