“Barev” – “Gamarjoba” – Meeting of Youth

“Barev” – “Gamarjoba” – Meeting of Youth

From August 15 to 26 of this year the Composers Union of Armenia held a music camp for young Armenian and Georgian musicians and performers in the Composers’ House named after E.Mirzoyan in Dilijan.

The event was held with assistance of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia within the framework of the Armenian-Georgian cultural cooperation.

Organization committee of the music camp pursued one, very important goal – to create a single platform for the exchange of experience between young creative artists of the two countries and to strengthening the cultural ties and the development of further joint projects.

40 composers and performers from both Armenia and Georgia took part in this joint camp. For 12 days’ meetings and master-classes were organized for the participants by well-known Armenian composers, performers and musicians.

Within the framework of this Project the young composers and performers met the Minister of Culture of Armenia Mr. Armen Amiryan. Excursions to the medieval monasteries of Haghartsin and Goshavank, visits to the museums of Yerevan were organized for Armenian and Georgian young musicians.

The camp concluded with summing up the results of the 12-day work and the final gala-concert in the Beethoven Hall of the Composers Art House named after E.Mirzoyan.

Participants will always be memorizing their farewell party around the bright flame of a large bonfire.

Good bye and until new meetings next year…